End of Year Review 2014 – the results

Here it is, the inevitable ‘Port Street Beer House End of Year Review 2014′, the beers aren’t in any particular order, however we did do a quick tally of the best brewery category, we are proud to say Buxton came out on top, in second place Siren and a close…  More >


Christmas Hampers 2014

It’s that time of year. Again. How did it come around so quickly? Last Christmas was only a few weeks ago wasn’t it? Or was that Hallowe’en? There was something I’m sure. We just spend the year celebrating one thing after the other and it all becomes a big blur….  More >

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Port Street Beer School / Tasting Sessions

We are proud to announce our first batch of bookable tasting sessions, ‘Port Street Beer School’ includes five beers, ‘beer bible’ booklet plus a presentation from our staff of experts. Each one will last around 90 minutes,  the tasting session will act as an introduction to craft beer, for those who…  More >


Buxton Brewery Tap TAKEOVER / Tuesday 9th December – 7pm

Buxton Brewery, which started up in 2009 in owner Geoff Quinn’s garage on a home-made 50 litre kit, has this year completed a move to new premises and an expansion up to a 32 hecto-litre custom brew house and a high speed in-house bottling line. 2014 however, will maybe most…  More >

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