Christmas Hampers

Available now at the bar You’re surrounded by loved ones & some other people you haven’t seen for a year. There’s a tree in the house. None of you have been sober for weeks. You’re all wearing torn paper hats & telling awful jokes. Later you’ll eat the worst cake…  More >


IMBC 15 Review by Cameron Steward

  It’s safe to say that the Independent Manchester Beer Convention (now in its fourth year) has outgrown it’s humble, hush-hush beginnings, if it ever were that…The hallowed Saturday evening session sold out in something like 6 seconds, or hours, whatever. It’s now become the UK beer festival to go to for…  More >

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Old And Dark Week

23rd November – 30th November 2015 These days it’s dark outside when you get out of bed. You potter about your flat wondering if it’s too late to have your first cup of coffee. Unsure of the time because your phone’s out of battery & the clock fell off the…  More >


Wylam Double Jakehead IPA launch

DOUBLE JAKEHEAD IPA LAUNCH // Friday 13th November // Port Street Beer House // 7pm // free entry You know a beer is going to be good when it has its own promotional video. Well, that’s maybe not necessarily the case (got the gondola-based Boddingtons advert in mind now) but…  More >

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Craft beers from here, there and everywhere.


Port Street Beer House,
39-41 Port Street,
Manchester, M1 2EQ
+44 (0)161 237 9949

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