1. deadmanjones says
    6.49 pm
    17 February 2011

    You won’t be able to see when you’ve got a customer behind them things.

  2. Lee says
    11.00 pm
    21 February 2011

    I’m there! This place looks amazing. The choice of beer is the best I have seen in Manchester. Couldn’t have wished for more. Good selection of quality German beer(Paulaner/Erdinger) alongside good range of real ales. I can’t wait to drop by. Might not be able to get me out of this place.

  3. Lee says
    11.00 pm
    21 February 2011

    BTW.Don’t suppose you do Kolsch on draught aswell?

  4. Charlotte says
    8.32 am
    22 February 2011

    Yeah, we have Fruh Kolsch on draft and Gaffel and Kuppers in bottles.

  5. Chris says
    9.37 am
    11 March 2011

    Sweet Jesus! Next time I’m in Manchester I’m heading straight to Port Street Beer House!

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