1. Darren T says
    1.28 pm
    31 August 2011

    Re: “…serving female customers a pint of porter or stout for no discernable reason other than a willingness to experiment with different beer styles and flavours.”

    In that case, it sounds like my missus is something of a statistical outlier. She’s been a Guinness drinker almost as long as I’ve known knew her, although in the past couple of years she’s definitely been branching out more, mainly into better-quality stouts and porters (session strength for preference) although she’s a big fan of dark ales in general, as well as ginger ales (Prospect Dragon Ale being a good example, but definitely not ginger alcopops a la Crabbie’s).

    I love a good statistical outlier, me :)

  2. designvoid says
    3.18 pm
    31 August 2011

    In reference to your tweet about Hathor being responsible for inventing beer… its incorrect.

    The Egyptian god Ra is said to have tricked Hathor into drinking beer disguised as blood after Hathor had become Sekhmet through blood lust. After drinking the beer she basically (as we all do) got drunk and fell asleep and upon waking ceased her blood lust rampage…

    • duncan says
      3.37 pm
      02 September 2011

      Excellent pedantry. Bravo.

  3. Claudia Asch says
    1.21 am
    01 September 2011

    Obviously, Molson Coors have no idea that women like beer, proper beer, with flavour and character… but then again, they don’t actually make anything resembling a flavoursome, complex beer, so it should not come as a surprise they want to have women drink drink similar poor excuses for beer…


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