1. Paul says
    1.57 pm
    04 April 2012

    I really enjoyed the selection, even if I didn’t quite make as much of it as I would have liked.

    One request (for next time) would be bunting/flags. Call me a cheesy wotsit but I liked it when you had the USA flags all over for the American festival you did. I’d like the same for the Festival of Britain too.

    Oh, and maybe a racy photo of the Duchess of Cambridge *rubs thighs*

    • duncan says
      2.00 pm
      04 April 2012

      ah yes. we do love a bit of bunting… hopefully next time …. thank you for the beer suggestion, we will be adding them to a wish list

  2. Steve says
    1.59 pm
    04 April 2012

    It’s been very good to see a wider range of UK Keg! Could do with a few more breweries represented over the course mind, rather than several from the usual suspects maybe limit to one or two from each and get a wider range?
    Overall though, very impressed!

    • duncan says
      2.01 pm
      04 April 2012

      noted :)

  3. Russ Ball says
    7.42 pm
    04 April 2012

    Henley Gold and magic rock rapture and cannonball were all brilliant!

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