1. Andrew says
    1.26 pm
    17 February 2012

    Can we have the sublime Kernel Citra in cask and for some malty goodness is there any chance of some Harvey’s Sussex Best Bitter, I know they don’t deliver beyond 60 miles but it would be nice if you can get some

  2. Chris says
    3.56 pm
    17 February 2012

    Anything from Kernel in London.

  3. Tyson the Beerhound says
    4.03 pm
    17 February 2012

    I second Kernel. Any of their beers on draught would be great. Also how about some Camden beers?

  4. Simon Gallagher says
    4.04 pm
    17 February 2012

    Pictish Brewing Company – Alchemists Ale. They’re only up the road in Rochdale!

    • duncan says
      5.17 pm
      17 February 2012

      Good call, we’ll get in touch.

      Some calls for Camden as well, we’ve approached them once before but will give it another go.

      And we’ve sent a begging letter to Kernel so we shall see what we get back.

  5. Will says
    4.54 pm
    17 February 2012

    Beers from Adnams, Camden Town, Dark Star, Fuller’s, Meantime, Red Willow, Skinner’s and Thornbridge?

  6. nick says
    5.24 pm
    17 February 2012

    A cask of hawkshead new zealand pale ale please! And plenty of red willow and summer wine

  7. wayne says
    5.50 pm
    17 February 2012

    Got to get Kirkstall Black Band porter its a gem

  8. Engels says
    5.51 pm
    17 February 2012

    – Something from Phoenix in Heywood. Thirsty Moon or West Coast IPA.
    – Kernel on cask would be fanrastic
    – anything from Brodies. Loving their American Brown

  9. Jay says
    6.31 pm
    17 February 2012

    Hawkshead NZPA
    Lovibonds 69 IPA
    Kernel Imperial Brown Stout in cask
    Brodie’s – barrel aged Romanov
    Some of the Black Isle stuff that’s had the Col treatment
    Loads of Quantum obvs

  10. Claudia says
    6.53 pm
    17 February 2012

    How about Moorhouse’s and Bowland brewery? Recently tried Bowland’s Hen Harrier, which was surprisingly tasty. They also produce “artisan” ales in big bottles…didn’t try those, but might be worth investigating. Dunham Massey… Bollington… Leeds Brewery… I can probably think of more, but I’ll leave it at that for the mo. ;-)

  11. Bob says
    6.58 pm
    17 February 2012

    Black Isle. I hear they have a devilishly handsome new brewer who is the shizzle

  12. Graham says
    7.05 pm
    17 February 2012

    Anything by Redemption Brewery. Or Hawkshead.

  13. carl says
    8.05 am
    19 February 2012

    deffo anything from kernel on cask. also marble dobber,dark star american pale ale,summer wine diablo,magic rock curious,durham appollo,buxton wild boar,mallinsons station best, and to finish off bathams best bitter.

  14. Bex says
    9.02 am
    19 February 2012

    Robinson’s Chocolate Tom.
    Elland’s Wintafest.
    Coach House, Cranberry.

  15. Bex says
    9.03 am
    19 February 2012

    Amber Ales- chocolate orange.

  16. Paul says
    5.43 pm
    19 February 2012

    Allendale might be worth a shot – not show stopping, but their Beacon Fire is pretty tasty.
    I’d obviously add my call for the Kernel, and something from Pictish would be ace too.

    Liverpool Organic Shipwreck IPA; Vitesse Noir on cask again (please!); Hornbeam.

    And more from the South-West of the country would be good (Harbour; Sharps; Driftwood etc).

  17. jayn says
    5.44 pm
    24 February 2012

    Amber Ales Imperial IPA 6.5% and their new Honey Rye is a stormer
    Thornbridge Chiron (kegged)
    Marble Saison
    Kernel Centennial (but get them to fine it!)
    Whim’s Amarillo
    should do for starters!

  18. Unadapted says
    10.09 am
    25 February 2012

    Little Valley? Pretty near and damn nice!

  19. Claudia says
    10.50 pm
    28 February 2012

    Did not see Tempest on anyone’s list, I’d like to see some of their treats on the bar. Hook Norton, Wye Valley, Purity… to name some others from down south. A potentially tricky one, but perhaps worth it due to their hop forward brewing would be tenant brewery Steel City Brewing. Being distributed via Boggart Brewery.

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