1. chrubble says
    3.25 pm
    05 May 2011

    This is CAMRA page was quite an eye-opener a while ago. Particularly with regard to Thatchers and Addlestones which have the look of real cider. Don’t believe the hype. Look for scrumpy and perry and for the love of mike avoid the b*stardised ‘pear cider’ etc http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=nonrealcider

    • Steve says
      1.10 pm
      11 May 2011

      I agree that there’s too much cr*p out there, but I’m afraid I’m not with CAMRA when it comes to what’s considered a “real” cider or not. I much prefer a cider made purely from fresh apple juice, but I’d rather it had concentrate than very little juice.

      And “pear cider” that’s just marketing rubbish to try and get m*gners drinkers over onto perry because they can’t meet the demand from apples.

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